New Construction

Macko Construction doesn’t build 25 new houses a year so we can be selective on what we build, and offer our customer a high quality home without having to worry about several other homes being built at the same time. We take your home and concentrate on one home at a time, to make sure that everything is done to our, and especially your satisfaction. We are very particular about making sure all zip wall systems are installed and seams taped, time tested flashing details with copper deck flashings, and other very important issues with the siding of your home, are done correctly to ensure that you have a home that is ready for the harshest conditions that the Outer Banks has to offer. Our attention to detail and supervision throughout the job lend us to offer each client the support that they need, and also the ability to reach anyone of us during the construction of their home. So give us a call today so we can meet with you and show you why Macko Construction is your new construction specialist.