Joe Winston

It is not often that I take the time to write a note about the service that a company provides me unless the service is extraordinary! Your employees, Jonathan and Ramone were just that. They had fourteen 3′ x 6′ doors to replace on my home. From the time, they arrived at my home and each greeted me with a firm handshake and told their names, I knew that I was in good hands. Both of these gentlemen were true professionals! They had a great work ethic, were courteous and knew their products. It was great to see their organizational skills and their team effort. If all of your employees are like them, you truly have a great company! These are the type of people that you can trust to do any job, even if the homeowner is not at home. I also wanted to commend Mary for the way she treated me on the telephone. She is a great voice for your company and always prompt to get in touch with me. I made that comment to Ramone and Jonathan and they both echoed my sentiments about Mary and said she was “awesome”. I worked for over twenty years in the building materials industry in sales management and really appreciate the quality of contractors in the industry. Kudos to you for offering first class service in your industry.

Carol and Chris Wilson

As new owners of a beachfront home in Pine Island we have been very fortunate to have Macko Construction on our side. Following Irene’s visit to the Outer Banks in August we have needed major repairs done to the house and the work done by Macko Construction has been impeccable. The crew was competent and unflappable in the face of each new challenge! Thank you to John and Scott for your patience in explaining each stage of work that was carried out. Like many, we are out of town owners and it has been a huge peace of mind to know that Macko is there to help us keep our property in good repair.

David Rathburn

Macko Construction executed our remodel job in a professional, first class manner. We provided a tremendous challenge to them, and as frequently happens in remodel jobs, when we started the process we found some things we didn’t expect. However, the Macko team didn’t let those obstacles get in the way of achieving our aggressive schedule; they just found a way to make it happen. They clearly communicated our options and then completed them perfectly. The rave reviews when we displayed our newly remodeled home to our rental agents confirmed that Macko Construction was and is the right choice.

Jason Woodside

Jen and I think very highly of you and your company. You sincerely went above and beyond the norm! We appreciate all you did for us and continue to do for us. Please extend my thanks to Bill again. He came to my in-laws rescue today. My father-in law locked himself out of the house today and Bill was nice enough to come let him in! In addition, our kids really love Brianna. Having her baby sit for us has been an added bonus for using your company!!!

Richard and Jane Queen

As thirteen year owners of the original model in Pine Island, we count ourselves fortunate to have Macko Construction as our partner in maintaining our home. John and Brian have been the resource for solving many issues that arose from owning a home in such a difficult environment. We have sought their help many times to handle failed windows, trapped moisture in walls, and then ultimately a complete remodel of the home. We turned over the project of renovating our home to them and they rose to the difficult challenge. It was a wonderful result with quality construction at a reasonable price. Macko Construction has a sound reputation for reliability and experience. It is such peace of mind to know that whatever Mother Nature sends our way, our friends at Macko will be there to help us keep our home in tip top shape!