Decks and Walkways

There are a variety of deck options available today that make the deck areas  you use to relax or entertain on much more inviting. In the past, many people only used treated lumber for their decks, and that is still an option today, but with advancements in products,  we have more options available to make those spaces even better. There are several manufacturers that make composite decking materials from companies such as Azek and Trex to name a couple. There are many color options and different fastening techniques to satisfy everyone. So whether you decide to use #1 premium Super Deck treated wood or a composite material on your decks, we can make that space you have for relaxation or entertaining the beautiful deck you’ve always dreamed of. Another option available is a traffic grade urethane waterproof coating that can be used to accommodate living space underneath. This has become more and more popular since the change in CAMA rules that does not allow some structures to enclose underneath their homes.This also can help if your home is at maximum lot coverage, you could still add another bedroom or recreation room by enclosing an area where there is currently a deck.

To coincide with the composite decks and waterproof coatings, we have composite handrail systems from Trex and Tamko. We use composite deck rails instead of vinyl because the vinyl rails squeak when you move them and  not very strong. The composite rails are quiet when moved and much stronger than vinyl. There is no need for steel inserts (that will rust) inside the handrails to strengthen the rails like the vinyl manufacturers need to use.There are 3 or 4 color options available as well as colonial or coastal balustrades to
compliment any home on the Outer Banks.