The Outer Banks is unique in many ways; one thing being the weather. Persistent winds and driving rains are a distinguishing feature of our coastal environment. These conditions test the life of all exposed exterior products and your siding is your first line of defense. Traditional cedar lap siding, even maintained in the upmost fashion, with frequent repaint and caulking maintenance, has a life expectancy of 15-20 years.

We at Macko Construction, set ourselves apart from other re-siders by following a stringent set of procedures before we install the 1st new piece of siding. During our 20 year history, we have developed flashing and siding techniques that go the extra step to ensure layers of protection. We are unique in offering a drainage system option installed between siding and felt layers that aid in keeping water from getting to the substrate of your home and also allows your home to breathe and keep dry. We promote the use of fiber cement siding products from James Hardie. They provide superior performance, resist rot and decay, and termites have no appetite for them. Additionally they come in a variety of prefinished colors that shouldn’t need to be repainted for 15 years or more and are backed by superior warranties. We also use composite trim for windows, door openings and soffit overhangs and eaves. Our crews follow our window installation procedure with custom pan flashing. Our use of copper deck flashing in conjunction with “Perma Barrier” membrane leaves you with the confidence knowing your home is as water tight as it can get. We are the only company we are aware of, who utilize this technology in our siding and building projects. Although these may be little things, this is what separates us from the rest of the contractors in the Outer Banks. Our experienced crews maintain knowledge through manufacturers’ certifications and training programs. Our jobs are visited daily by field supervisors or management to ensure that the procedures we have implemented through the years are being installed properly.